Georgetown Historical Society
Georgetown Historical Society
Nutter D. Marvel Museum
But perhaps the most precious jewel is the Nutter D. Marvel Museum. The museum includes a collection of historic buildings and horse-drawn carriages. The most priceless aspect of the museum to our citizens is the thousands of photographs, newspaper clippings, books and other memorabilia about Georgetown. Since 1992, the Georgetown Historical Society has meticulously worked to catalog the collection and in conjunction with the town has sought grants to improve the buildings which house the collection including two barrel roof barns, a 100 year old church, a one room school house, a blacksmith shop, two old railroad freight buildings, a dining room with kitchen, storage buildings, and an office. 
Return Day
Also they are the host of the Return Day Parade that is run every even year after election day. Join history in the making when the winning and losing candidates ride together in open horse drawn carriages and antique automobiles in a biennial parade 20 
510 S. Bedford St
Georgetown, DE
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